10 apps to earn real money with your smartphone

10 best applications to earn money or discount coupons and win prizes and gifts from your smartphone, for Android and iPhone.

10 apps to earn real money with your smartphone
10 apps to earn real money with your smartphone

The internet has always provided ways and opportunities to make money from home, usually by placing advertisements on your website or blog or uploading videos to YouTube. To win something there are also apps available, for Android and iPhone smartphones, which allow you to earn real money in different ways. These are certainly not apps that will make us rich, but with the right commitment, you will earn enough to buy paid apps without even taking a dollar out of your pocket .

In the following guide we will therefore show you the best applications to earn real money with your smartphone . In the guide we will show you only safe applications avoiding to point out those that generate problems, bombard our phone with advertisements or that can slow down the chosen device.

1) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an Android application designed to earn credit to spend on the Google Play Store. This app is simple and reliable, with very short surveys to answer to get store credit in exchange. The applicati

Being so light and minimally invasive, I recommend everyone to use it too because the time involved is so small that it can be safely installed and forgotten sooner or later there will always be a poll to answer ( even worth €1, although they often have a value between 10 and 40 euro cents).

2) Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a fitness app for iPhone and Android that tracks running and physical activities that you can use to earn money. By using this application during our fitness exercises, the more we run, the more we earn, both from a health point of view and from a cash prize point of view.

Using this application during the exercise we will obtain a certain amount of cryptocurrency , which we can use to obtain big discounts on certain highly sought-after products in the technological field or to win very attractive monthly prizes (like an iPhone). Obviously, for the higher prizes there is a lot of sweat, but those with a lot of training consistency (or a lot of friends, since referral links bring in a dollar) can get some great results.

3) Toluna

Toluna available for Android is a survey application, where by participating and answering questions you earn points which can then be converted into PayPal credit, vouchers for Amazon, Zalando or other online stores.

The application works very well and is reliable but as we have already seen for Google Opinion Rewards you have to go far before you can receive targeted surveys depending on where you have been (i.e. the surveys that bring in the most money).

4) BeMyEye

BeMyEye was born as a very clever idea, as an application for Android to do marketing research where those who participate are paid.

To earn money you have to do some simple “jobs” indicated by the application , such as going to stores and taking pictures of the windows or checking if a product is on sale at a certain place. This can be a good idea if we often visit stores or malls and want to earn extra money through surveys and marketing polls.

5) Moss

Mousse is an application for iPhone and Android that allows you to earn money by selling the photographs we take every day .

All you have to do is upload the photos and try to sell them on the Foap Market. Each photo has a fixed price of $10. What makes Foap interesting is its simplicity and the ability to upload photos directly from your phone or other photography apps like Instagram and Flickr. Of course, selling and earning won’t be easy, as very high photographic standards are required.

6) Money Cash App

Money Cash Application Only for Android is an application that will earn us by completing targeted surveys similar to when seen on Google Opinion Rewards.

Also in this case, the gains are very small and you also need a little patience before you see a few euros. Payments are made through store vouchers such as Google Play, Apple, Amazon or others, which can be a good choice for those looking for a quick and easy way to earn real money.

7) WeWard

Another application that converts our steps and our fitness exercises into euros is WeWard available for Android and for iPhone .

This application works as a complete pedometer and, once we have reached the minimum objectives, we will be able to convert all our accumulated steps into euros . Once you have reached a certain amount of money, you can enjoy special offers from your favorite brands online, use the money at retailers closest to us (and also enjoy cashback) or do a donation to a charity.

8) winwalk

Another application that we can use to earn while walking is winwalk available for Android . As with other similar applications, it is possible to earn by walking or exercising, transforming the steps we have taken into Amazon vouchers, Carrefour vouchers and vouchers from other chains and other stores ( IKEA, Q8, Decathlon, Google Play and many more).

In addition to accumulating points while walking, it is possible to carry out missions in which we must install a game and complete certain levels to accumulate the prize.

9) Stepbet

Do we want to make a bet with friends on who runs the most? The best such app is StepBet available for Android and for iPhone . The application allows you to participate in contests organized by the company that promoted the application, with hundreds or thousands of participants. A kitty is created for each competition which will be distributed among the winners.

Each competition has its own rules and objectives, so it is advisable to choose well the competition to participate in, also according to our abilities (because the competition can become very fierce).


Nowadays it doesn’t give anything but you can always take advantage of some applications to earn real money with your smartphone in a legitimate way and without any risk of scam or scam. The apps we’ve pointed out to you in this guide can be used without time limits, and with the right commitment, you can collect money to buy the apps on your phone, renew monthly subscriptions, or give small gifts.

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